How do Dineosaur placemats stick to the IKEA Antilop tray?
Our placemats are matte on top but glossy underneath which enables them to stick to the tray. We find if you wipe the top with kitchen roll or a dry cloth to dry it and leave the glossy underside wet so it can air-dry it will stick better for the next meal.

How do I clean my Placemat for my IKEA Antilop highchair? Are they dishwasher safe?
Our Placemats can be rinsed with hot soapy water after use, and then put back on the highchair straight away. You can also pop them in the dishwasher on the top rack.

Can I use Dineosaur Placemats for baby-led weaning (BLW)?
Of course. Our placemats are made from FDA approved silicone so your baby can eat finger food straight from the mat. 

Do the Placemats for the IKEA Antilop highchair work with suction plates and bowls?
Yes, the suction plates work perfectly with the mats, although if you’re baby is able to pull off the suction plate already they may be able to lift the plate and mat from the tray.



Does my highchair need a footrest?
In short, yes. A highchair without a footrest destabilises your baby’s core, and affects their ability to use their mini muscles effectively.

Paediatricians recommend a footrest as it allows babies to sit straighter with better posture. It makes them more comfortable and therefore better able to concentrate on developing their fine motor skills and eating the food in front of them without distraction.

When we introduced a footrest to our IKEA Antilop highchair with our son we saw a vast improvement - he was less frustrated and fidgety, and meal times became much happier for everyone. Hurrah.

Are your footrests adjustable?
Yes. Unlike some of the more expensive highchairs, our footrests grow with your little ones.

Secured in place using slide-able o-rings and support clamps, you can easily move your footrest up or down the footrests, meaning you can start using it from day one of weaning around the age of 6 months.

How do I install the footrest on my IKEA Antilop highchair?
It couldn’t be easier. When you order a footrest you will be sent a pack of 4 rubber o-rings. Slide two rings on to each of the front legs, to the desired height and slot the footrest in between them. You can use a spirit level to check it's straight or you can do it by eye.

Watch our installation video here

My footrest is slipping slightly, what can I do?
Usually it's just a little oil or grease build up from food on the legs that causes the footrest to slip. We recommend removing the footrest and pushing the rings all the way up to the top of the legs, and wipe down the legs with rubbing alcohol. Let them air dry, then roll the rings down again and reinstall.

If you have an older child or have purchased our leg vinyls we recommend using our support clamps which offer extra stability. These are easy click in place clamps, but you will need some pliers to achieve a very tight close.




How do I apply leg wraps to my IKEA Antilop Highchair?
Our leg wraps are cut to size so it’s much easier than you think. Watch our installation video to see how.



When will your cushion cover be available?
A huge amount of research has gone in to our cushion cover so it’s taken a bit longer than we hoped to be able to bring it to you than our other products. Our design is unlike any other on the market, and should be available for delivery early October. Trust us, it’s worth the wait. 

Why do I need a support cushion for the IKEA Antilop highchair?
Just like our footrests, support cushions will scoot your baby forward and help to make your baby more comfortable in their chair. This will encourage them to sit up straighter, making it easier for them to reach their food. This in turn aids proper eating posture allowing their knees to bend and meaning their shoulders are directly above their hips. 

Is my child too big to use a support cushion?
Even older babies/toddlers can benefit from the support cushion to aid a safe eating posture, just deflate the side wing parts of the inflatable, put the cushion cover back on and tuck the empty side flaps back inside the cushion cover to create little invisible pockets. Magic.

Will your cushion covers be wipeable?
Yes, all of our products have been designed to not only be stylish but also to make parents’ lives easier. Our cushion covers are made from a matte polyester which is incredibly soft and safe for babies skin but also easy to wipe clean and stain resistant.

Will I need to buy an insert for the cushion covers?
If you already have the IKEA Antilop cushion insert our cushion covers have been made to fit perfectly with it so you will not need to buy another one. If you don’t have one yet, you will need to buy a cushion insert separately. You can purchase them directly from IKEA when you get your highchair.  Please note, you only need one cushion insert per highchair, you can then change the cover as often as you like.