Is My Baby Ready For Weaning?

six month old baby in ikea highchair ready to start weaning, with ash footrest and green placemat

Is your baby turning six months soon? Are you confused about when to start weaning? There's a lot of chatter around the six months milestone for weaning but don't forget the holy grail of parenting 'every baby is different'.

Instead of fixating on dates, here are the three main signs your baby is ready to take the leap into solid foods:

1. They have good hand-eye coordination, so can look at food, pick it up and bring it towards their mouth by themselves.

2. They can stay in a sitting position holding their head steady. Support cushions and footrests in a highchair here will aid and support them so they can focus on moving their arms and feeding themselves.

3. They can swallow food rather than spit it out. In early weaning a lot of food will come back out, as it is brand new information and unfamiliar flavours so this is more about the ‘tongue thrust reflex’ becoming less frequent rather than acceptance of all food.

If you're about to start your weaning journey and have the Ikea highchair, take a look at our supportive footrests and weaning accessories to give you and your little one the best start on this adventure.